For relief of aches, pain and inflammations associated with muscle fatigue, muscle pain, stiff shoulder, simple backache, bruises, sprans, strains, arthritis, bone fracture and minor frostbite


Product description

There are few things that can make you more miserable than suffering from frequent muscle aches and pain. However, in the past your treatment options have been very limited. You could take over-the-counter (OTC) oral medications, but they are rarely effective for long. You could ask your doctor for a prescription medication, but they frequently cause drowsiness, making it difficult to function. Thankfully, you now have an option. SALONPAS is an OTC pain patch that effectively relieves pain. Now, Asian Supermarket has it available at a great low price!
SALONPAS offers numerous benefits including:
  • Provides fast pain relief directly at the site of your pain. Most users experience pain relief within one hour of applying the patch, though this does differ from person to person.
  • Provides pain relief for 8 to 12 hour stretches.
  • Is perfect for pain related to strains, sprains, bruises, backache, arthritis pain, and aching joints and muscles.
  • Is non-addictive and made of natural ingredients.
  • Contains Capsaicin, a compound that has been clinically proven to reduce the sensation of pain.
  • They are extremely thin, stretchable pieces of cloth applied directly to the site of your pain. Due to their size, they are super discreet and no one will know you are wearing one.
  • Is not greasy and is odorless.
  • Can be cut to any size you desire to best fit the site of your pain.
  • Will never make you sleepy because SALONPAS is a non-narcotic.
  • Is absorbed through the skin meaning it will not upset your stomach.
  • Patch is simple to apply and can easily be removed.
SALONPAS is an actual medication as opposed to a heating device or ice pack. It was the first OTC topical pain patch to be approved by the FDA in 2008. Today, it remains the only OTC topical analgesic with FDA approval.
There is a reason that SALONPAS is sold in over 50 countries worldwide. It actually works! There is no reason to suffer from pain. Join the millions that have used SALONPAS and get fast, safe pain relief today!
10 Patches 6.5cm x 4.2cm


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