Located at Erina, CHAN’S boasts an extensive range of Asian groceries including many lines that were previously only available in Sydney.

Why Shop with Chan’s Asian Supermarket?

We help customers with ingredients for their recipes
We provide simple easy to understand recipes for our customers
We suggest simple ready to prepare meals

Come and experience our great service, we are here to help and assist. 

Shoppers can choose from a range of dried, canned and frozen foodstuffs from Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and China. Dried noodles are particularly popular with shoppers due to their convenience and variety of flavours. Chan’s also has a wide range of fresh, locally produced goods delivered weekly from Sydney. Shoppers will be treated to a wide variety of tofu, noodles, fish and other seafood balls, meat balls as well as a selection of different types of thinly sliced meat and garden vegetables.

PEKING DUCK or BBQ pork is always available for customers to enjoy, fresh on Thursdays and frozen any other time.

Top Selling International Products

Recreate your favourite Asian dishes with CHAN’S Asian Supermarket

Recreate your favourite Asian dishes with CHAN’S Asian Supermarket

Have you been to Asia and miss the yummy food you experienced there? CHAN’S can help you to recreate the wonderful dishes by supplying all the authentic ingredients and even the crockery to prepare and serve them.

Do you enjoy Yum Cha? CHAN’S speciality is a range of frozen food produced in Sydney which is suitable for a do it yourself YUM CHA at a fraction of the cost . Or if you like short soup, all you need to add is hot water. CHAN’S will provide the rest with a range of ready made pork, chicken, prawn, crab or vegetarian wontons (short soup) made locally, and even the stock to make the soup.

Fresh BBQ Meat Delivered Weekly – Continue reading…

CHAN’S Asian Supermarket – the healthy alternative

CHAN’S also caters for special dietary requirements with vegetarian, gluten free and MSG-free ingredients and advice about how they can be used to create delicious dishes.

A range of Chinese and Herbal Teas is available including BITTER MELON TEA, which researchers have found contains properties that improve blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics. Those suffering from aches and pain or arthritis may benefit from CHAN’S range of popular Chinese medicines such as herbal heat patches.

Save money and discover new tastes and new ways of cooking with CHAN’S!

If you wish to change your eating habits, discover new tastes and save money. CHAN’S friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice about which ingredients you need to make your next Asian dishes a success, including the Steamboat, a cheap, healthy and simple way of cooking food with lots of fun.

Authenice Asian Food Recipes

We offer recipes to help you to understand and use our authenic asian products.


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Shop 3 Erina Mall
216 Central Coast Hwy, Erina 2250
Ph: 02 4365 6268 Fax:02 4365 6887
Email: [email protected]

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